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Do you invest in domains and web hosting service frequently? In that case this is the moment to take out your money. Have a look at This website to read more.

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Web hosting uptime is the time your website is reachable and is online. Everyone I know who first started out with web hosting said they want 100% uptime. That’s available on the market, but it’s premium, not for the casual blogger or small business. So, if you are on a budget, don’t let that 100% image in your mind hold you back from starting an awesome website. The industry leaders don’t offer that!

Uptime Guarantee

The most important thing a web host does for you is they make your website available on the internet, being as reliable as possible. What does that mean in terms of numbers? GreenGeeks, like most hosting companies, offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee.


The speeds are not to be overlooked either. It makes a huge, and I mean HUGE difference if your sites load fast. A lot of factors play a role in that, but GreenGeeks takes his part very seriously and sites load as they should with them.

Going Offline? No way!

You don’t want a web host that’s constantly offline, and when it’s online, your web site is simply unusable because it takes so long to load. I probably don’t have to tell you how important all this is, especially when you are running a small business website (e.g. e-commerce).

If you don’t choose GreenGeeks in the end, just make sure you choose a web host that keeps your website online and offers decent speed.

In my experience with, you won’t see downtime often. The exception is when they are doing some hardware upgrades and stuff. But then they tell you upfront what to expect and for how long.

Check out Some Reviews

You don’t have to listen to me. There are countless GreenGeeks reviews online. Click here to read a quite detailed one. Except for a few, they tell the same story: that GreenGeeks is a reliable small business web hosting company.

Get More than the Basics

You don’t have to choose their basic plan. If you are feeling somewhat fit for more complicated technology, you can choose Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers too.

To sum all this up, this is a great choice if you are looking for a green hosting company. They keep your web sites online, they offer decent speeds, and constantly monitor their servers to make sure your sites work as they should.

If you have some experience with GreenGeeks, please share it with me using the contact form and I might add it to this post.

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Cooler than Fat Cow? No Way!

A good web hosting provider will provide a lot of disk space as part of its services and this is a mark of reliability. This will help the client to upgrade the same in the future as and when the requirement occurs. For a smoother transfer of data, it is advisable to have at least  a couple hundred GB bandwidth. A FatCow review is saying that a good, reliable web hosting service will provide a minimum of 10 databases as an element of its offer and this is one thing to check up before signing up. Many customers need to run important applications which may need an improvement of the database.

Looking for Anything more?

The ratio between the hosting service’s price and space is being highly acknowledged along with its tech support, customer support, and user friendliness, in a regular FatCow Review hosting floating all around the Internet. Reading most reviews, it is a great deal to set up with this specific Internet hosting service, as the amount of space one is getting at such a low price far exceeds the meager technical problems.

It’s Time to Push it

Those who are not entirely satisfied with an Internet hosting service which states it is a major supplier should wish a FatCow Review. For individuals eager to enter the world wide web, the required information is available in most FatCow Reviews. The reasonability of the cost, the reliability of the specific server and its uptime, the amount of data transfer and disk storage, the tech and user assistance contact information, the reimbursement policy, etc are all beneficial elements of information which are offered by these reviews. Queries could be resolved in a FatCow Review.

You Will Love this Type of Web Hosting

onboatFinding and comprehending a FatCow review could be a complex procedure. Nevertheless, the knowledge one can obtain from reading lots of FatCow reviews cannot be understated. These can be useful resources for any person seeking to take up the services of the online web hosting service, FatCow. The contents of the reviews however must be thoroughly studied and the decision attained should be thoughtful of all the elements stated like the review’s content, its originality and other such deliberations.

Time to Tame the Beast Cow

It will turn you into separate from fact and fiction. Service stoppage is a crucial issue to check out when scrutinizing webhosting reviews. Glitches and offline issues will affect the products and services you provide to the clients, that’s why it’s fundamental to ascertain the longevity of your web host.

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Around 83,17 billion yuan (about 10.1 billion euros) have been spent in 2013 in China on computer games. That’s an increase of 38 percent compared to the previous year. The figures have been published by Games in Asia, an alliance of publishers from the country.

By comparison, in the United States revenues in 2012 reached $7.09 billion, as the market research firm NPD Group reported. In Germany 1.85 billion euros of revenues were achieved according to BIU; newer figures are not available yet in both cases.

Red China

There are a couple industries in China that show a different picture to that of the west. The web hosting industry is also a curious case. It hasn’t matured yet, like in the west, so there are no offers like the one from Hostingmanual to set up a website for free.

In China the strong dominance of PC games is noticeable. 64.5% of sales were achieved with programs that use a PC. Browser games have generated about $2 billion in sales, mobile games around 1.8 billion and Social games around one billion US dollars.

Console games generated only about $15 million – no wonder, since officially only a few consoles are available in China.

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Peak Electronic Design have recently expanded their sales network with the appointment of five new distribution partners. Now the famous Peak Atlas array of automatic component identification and measurement tools are more straightforward to acquire in Australia, Holland, Germany, USA and great britain.

This really is or a world wide network of established distributors, so buying Peak products and services is much faster and easier. To help with great britain hobbyist market, a brand new UK distribution partner has additionally think about it board with Peak. JPR Electronics Ltd in Dunstable provide the full array of Peak products along with a number of other products directed at hobbyists, education and industry.

To locate your nearest distributor in britain or overseas, simply look at their website and click the distributors tab. In the event that you can’t locate a distributor towards you then you can certainly obviously order from Peak directly.

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Should you want to comprehend electronics, you read our blog, of course, if you wish to comprehend the electronics market, you need to visit China. This year I was in Shenzhen for the testing of the newest batch of ovens.

In the event that you genuinely wish to discover how the electronics market is developing, not just in China but in addition in other parts of the world, there’s no replacement being there, exploring, and conversing with the folks. Exactly what the entire world is offering when it comes to electronics will come in Shenzhen, along with exactly what China supplies to other parts of the world.

One of our readers described his impressions within a trip to this hotbed of electronics, such as for instance tens and thousands of people working and (literally) living amidst boxes, stacks, and whole floors saturated in electronic components as well as other hardware. You can observe the exact same picture in the electronics high-street of Shanghai. Nevertheless , the electronics market is significantly more than just hardware and components.

To create a deal that works, specially in China, you’ll need a good familiarity with the culture, banking matters, transportation, and logistics. Working in China has a different approach. It is useful knowing just how to still do it, but otherwise you shouldn’t decide to try. The folks that have joined us on the China tours organised by our blog can say everything about it. So that you can form an authentic picture of the number of choices, you need to begin to see the factories from the interior, shake hands with the folks there, and see if they share your desire for the electronics market. Things can go so fast there that a number of our tour participants was able to shake hands on business deals on their visit.

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Asian Dragon

Asia provides tremendous markets for increased profits, and AsiaMag provides a way for your organization to reach them. AsiaMag will showcase your products to potential buyers in Asia. Find out more about AsiaMag.

The most important resource you should be aware of is the Office of International Trade Resources. You can also get Export Assistance from the USCS.

Having a website that you can show to your Asian partners may just be what makes a deal go through. This website will aim to help small business owners making IT related decisions, assist them in creating professional looking websites and a web presence that an Asian partner will respect. We came to this idea after visiting China and other countries in the area. A good website is looked at as a status symbol that shows how prosperous a business is. And who wouldn’t like to be the partner of a prosperous business?

Let’s go over the basics in this article. A web host is an entity that aims to make Internet web sites designed and maintained by third parties available on the Internet.

It provides access to all content in the accounts for the  webmasters, often via FTP or a File Manager. To do this, it keeps computers turned on and connected 24 hours a day, with a high-speed connection (hundreds of Mb / s), with installed software like: HTTP server (often Apache), mail server, database…

The main activity of a website hosting provider is to install servers, to secure them (back up by a generator, an air conditioned room equipped with anti-fire equipment), to keep up to date by installing any security updates to prevent malicious attacks, to fix anything in case of an error, to install softwares desired by customers (such as internet programming languages ​​and the additional modules of these languages).

Web hosting is justified by various reasons including:

  • the need for secure hosted service,
  • the provision by the provider of substantial resources (bandwidth download …)
  • Consulting and Services associated support.

When a visitor requests a page from a web browser, it queries the DNS server for the IP address of the server hosting this site. As soon as it gets the response, the browser will query this server and request the page. The web server will then search the page on its hard drive (if it is a static page), or created using a script (if dynamic), and then send it to the browser, which displays it on the visitor’s screen.

It may be important to locate where the provider has its servers. Most search engines take the location of servers into account. So should you when you perform the SEO of your website.

Most hosting packages are grouped into broad categories:

Shared Hosting:

Each server hosts multiple sites, up to several thousand, in order to share the costs. The main advantage is the price, the main disadvantage is that the client do not have server administration rights, it is often dependent on the goodwill of the host if they want a particular technology.

In some configurations of shared hosting, the user can be an administrator of a virtual server on which the site is deployed. However, he continues to share system resources shared with other customers.

Dedicated Hosting:

The customer has its own server, and can generally be administered as desired, which is the main advantage of this type of offer. The server vendor remains the owner of the server. The disadvantages are: the price is much higher than shared hosting, and some skills are needed to administer the machine correctly.

Virtual Private Servers:

Offers customers the flexibility of a dedicated server (the client manages his machine at its discretion) by providing a virtual machine that uses a portion of server resources (physical) by techniques of virtualization.

Managed (or “Turnkey”) Dedicated Hosting:

The client has its own server, but the host technicians watch and manage the systems. This solution is perfect if you have no technical knowledge of server administration. Simply place your server at their site.


The host provides space in a data-center, so that he can put his own server inside (most of the time in special cabinets or racks. The host also provides the customer with a power cable and an Ethernet cable to connect it to power. This is supposed to be less expensive, but the security systems and badges in Data-centers can be more expensive than renting.

Most hosts are paid. There are still some free ones, most often they also provide a paid service that is more feature rich and more powerful.

Businesses face many challenges in hosting their infrastructure and applications. Torn between performance requirements for their vital activity and constraints in terms of spending and investment, they are turning more often to solutions that promote sharing and industrialization. Virtualization, the “cloud computing” and SaaS applications are increasingly being considered as alternatives they should consider carefully.

In 2009, according to a study1 by MARKESS International with 150 companies, application areas most affected by external hosting are websites and portals, followed by applications of customer relationship management, human resources, and extranets. To a lesser extent, (because most often managed directly by IT departments), are messaging applications, security, storage and backup. Followed them, but highly dependent sectors concerned are:

  1. Applications of electronic commerce (e-commerce), intranets and collaborative applications including not only email but also calendars, task management, etc.., and content management applications;
  2. Applications business management and sales force management, the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications, production platforms and application development.

What All That Means?

You need Information Technology as a basis for your business. It is not only a good point when you are doing business, but it improves your business processes from the bottom up.